Prototype Design and Assembly

Prototypes are an essential part of design development, and iQ Product Design provides expertise to help quickly realize your product. From consulting and design to research and development, through to the prototype stage, we can handle all steps of the


First Article Production

Now that the first prototypes have been produced, iQ Product Design will help with the next step on your way to high volume production. Once our engineers have determined that the prototype is ready to be produced, the first units


High Volume Production

The most exciting part of getting your product on track to becoming a household name, iQ Product Design will assist in finding a qualified manufacturer, either stateside or overseas, that will be capable of producing large quantities to fit any

Welcome to iQ Product Design

iQ Product Design is a electronic product development company specializing in developing low quiesent current battery-operated devices. The iQ, is a play on this idea, where ā€œiā€ stands for current and ā€œQā€ stands for quiescent, the current of course being small. iQ Product Design has developed products that can do useful things everyday, and even every hour of everyday and last many years on just one battery...

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