aboutiQ Product Design is a electronic product development company specializing in developing low quiesent current battery-operated devices. The iQ, is a play on this idea, where “i” stands for current and “Q” stands for quiescent, the current of course being small.
iQ Product Design has developed products that can do useful things everyday, and even every hour of everyday and last many years on just one battery. We also specialize in device side intelligence, which means the device itself makes the decision if information is useful and should be transmitted. It takes power to send information, and sending useless information means wasting power.

iQ Product Design also offers some of the quickest turn times to concept model in the industry. A customer can have an idea for a product and expect that we can have a working model of that idea in as little as two weeks. We can do this because we have the capability to do so many of the required steps in house. We design the circuits, the layout,populate,test and deliver PCBs all within our facility.




To provide our customers with the best possible design and devices. To look at every possible angle for better solutions to a problem. We avoid the design from scratch ehen a perfect solution exists, but we don’t try to force a poor solution when there can be a better one. We try to thoroughly understand all the downsides and faults of a particular design and make sure our customers understand that, and what other paths are possible. We strive to get a little better each time we deliver a product, learning along the way.