Prototype Design and Assembly

Prototypes are an essential part of design development, and iQ Product Design provides expertise to help quickly realize your product. From consulting and design to research and development, through to the prototype stage, we can handle all steps of the process.
Whether it’s a single electronic circuit board or an entire system, iQ Product design has the experience and resources to make your project a success. Board assembly, inspection, and functionality tests are all done in house which allows us to have one of the quickest turn around times in the industry. We are committed to providing high quality design and bringing your project in on time and under cost.


First Article Production

Now that the first prototypes have been produced, iQ Product Design will help with the next step on your way to high volume production. Once our engineers have determined that the prototype is ready to be produced, the first units are assembled and then tests are run to ensure the quality, safety, and reliability of the actual product. iQ Product Design will assist with the process of establishing that products are production ready, and will help your company reach the final stage of production.


High Volume Production

The most exciting part of getting your product on track to becoming a household name, iQ Product Design will assist in finding a qualified manufacturer, either stateside or overseas, that will be capable of producing large quantities to fit any budget. All drawings are finalized and are distributed to a contract manufacturer. At this point, a test fixture can be assembled to ensure rapid productivity and more focus can be placed on continuous improvement and cost reduction. You are now prepared to sell thousands of units.