Brake Controller

The Shadow Brake Control System

Take the guess work out of trailer towing and braking by offering improved brake controllers for after market trailering applications. Our newest product, The Shadow, is bringing electric braking into the 21st Century. The shadow is the safe and easy to use. Drive normal, like your not even towing.






Impact Sensor

Brain Sentry’s Impact Sensor™ is an innovative helmet-mounted device that alerts when an athlete suffers a rapid, and potentially dangerous, acceleration of the head. This system accurately measures appropriate impact forces, is affordable, safe, and does not burden the coaches and volunteers that run sports teams and leagues.  There is nothing to maintain.  No batteries to charge.  Nothing to remember to turn on or off.  Brain Sentry sensors just work all season. See more about this product in our Featured Product Section on the home page.




AssetPack2 is designed for tracking and security of rail cars, containers, and sensor monitoring. The device is Intrinsically Safe and has survived for years in some of the most challenging environments on Earth.
This device is highly configurable, yet quick to deploy in the field with magnetic configuration. The AP2 can power and collect data from two sensors, or act as a Modbus modem with GPS.





SensorLink PhotoSensorLink

SensorLink allows any set of analog or digital sensors to be monitored anywhere in the world. Provide critical data reporting using satellite links, a variety of sensors, and a web-based application that allows customer access to information in real time.





FlatPack is the ultimate solution for discretely tracking unpowered assets. With no external wires and a height of only .285 inches, FlatPack is undetectable and easily disguisable. This device installs in seconds and is quick to deploy in the field, with magnetic configuration.